Sunday, July 13, 2008

For Someone You Love

After reading
this piece last week by Frank Rich in The New York Times, about the new Pixar movie "Wall E" I was primed and ready when offspring Semi, her offspring LTB, age two, and I went to the big multiplex in Knoxville to see it. I knew what to notice from reading Rich's review and was expecting something wonderful and earth shattering. I don't go to the movie theatre much, and so this was a big deal for me. We were way early, the halls to the various screening rooms were still closed. We chatted for a while and were happy when the lights came on the marquee showing the movie names and times. We gave our tickets to the usher and had our pick of the seats, we were the first ones in. We took our places in the middle of the middle row of the room, front row of the second level so we could put our feet on the railing. We pulled down the armrests and watched the previews, waiting for the feature in excited anticipation. The big Disney castle came on the screen and the state of the art sound came alive. The story began and we were enchanted by the character of the little trash compactor Wall E as the ground was laid for his big adventure to save humankind from a fate that seems all too near right now. I don't want to say anymore about the story, but only want to persuade anyone reading this post who loves nature and green growing things to go see Wall E. Go with a loved one, many loved ones, complete strangers or alone, it doesn't matter. Just go.